We are pleased to make available a new comprehensive document about the rodenticide threat to wildlife and how this needs to be addressed, authored by our colleague Leonard Fitzpatrick, a Brisbane-based wildlife rescuer and dedicated rodenticide control campaigner. This is the end result of extensive research and collaboration with key stakeholders in the wildlife rescue/rehabilitation community, veterinary professionals, academia, and advocacy groups in Australia and North America.

Leonard is supporting community groups across Australia such as Owl Friendly Margaret River region encourage wildlife friendly rodent management.

His document provides the latest information for those seeking the greater understanding and detail needed to

  • advocate for controls and bans to be placed on anticoagulant baits at the national, State and local government levels,
  • and lobby hardware, supermarket and other distributors to have the courage to act on their espoused principles of ethical trading by not stocking the worst, second-generation anticoagulant products while government drags its heels.

Leonard is a leading contributor to a Birdlife Australia supported network of community rodenticide-action groups