Rodenticide Action Group from left: Dr Boyd Wykes, Steve Castan, Tanya Edwards, Eden Edwards (front), Karen Majer, Rusty Rouse, Dr Shaun Molloy (front), Sam Hines, Felicity Bradshaw, Linda Moyle.


The Rodenticide Action Group is working with the community to establish the Augusta Margaret River Region as a safe haven for owls and other wildlife from rodenticide poisoning.

The Rodenticide Action Group is an association of volunteers who are contributing a wide range of capabilities to a campaign to address the insidious threat of rodenticide poisoning to owls and other wildlife in our region.

Funding raised for the campaign is managed through an auspicing agreement with Nature Conservation Margaret River Region.

Members are:

Dr Boyd Wykes, zoology, conservation management (Coordinator)

Steve Castan, wildlife photography (aka estabanthenatureman)

Karen Majer, communication

Tanya Edwards, artist/graphic design

Felicity Bradshaw, vet

Phil Pain, raptor rehabilitation (Eagles Heritage)

Linda Moyle, wildlife rehabilitation (FAWNA)

Josh Pain, hardware retail

Rusty Rouse, fundraising, citizen science

Sam Hines, citizen science

Suzanne Anderson, ecologist

James Bennett, Hero coordinator

Technical Advisors to the group are:

Dr Robert Davis, wildlife ecologist (Head ECU Joondalup fauna research lab including co-ordinating studies on rodenticide impacts on wildlife)

Michael Lohr, wildlife rodenticide specialist (Senior Zoologist, Phoenix Environmental Sciences; Adjunct Researcher ECU Joondalup fauna research lab)

Dr Shaun Molloy, wildlife ecologist (Senior Ecologist, Fire and Emergency Services; Adjunct Researcher ECU Joondalup fauna research lab)

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We are tackling the issue at the many levels where rodenticide use can be influenced: the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority scheduling, State and Local Government health administration, retail sale, application by pest operators, businesses and households.  As well as providing support for further research on wildlife consequences and for treatment of affected wildlife by veterinarians and wildlife carers.

rodenticide action group founding members

The ‘Masked Warrior’ founding members of the Rodenticide Action Group share an enthusiasm for ensuring Margaret River remains a ‘hot-spot’ for the enigmatic Masked Owl: from left Karen Majer, Steve Castan, Tanya Edwards, Boyd Wykes